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Nov 30, 2009

Working on the road

I totally lost count of the days as i am working on the road everyweek. I will update and go on here when i am back at home.

Nov 19, 2009

Weight Loss To Weigh Less

Make sure to read the weight loss tips here

Pronutro with milk

Milk and a fruit

Bread,chicken,peas, and slaw + till now 1 liter of water

Afternoon snack

Late Afternoon Snack
Rye bread with cottage cheese and avocado

Steak, baby patotoes, mushroom, mixed vegetable and peas

I did drink all my water(2liter) for the day.

On my way to weigh less with healthy weight loss.

weight loss to weigh less

I have lost another 1.8 kilograms

Nov 8, 2009

Not updating

Sorry for not updating recently, i have a new job that takes me long times from home.