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Oct 16, 2009

Quick Ways To Lose Weight -Follow This Quick Ways To Lose Weight And Maintain Your Goal Weight Tips.

Are you looking for some quick ways to lose weight? Look no further as I will give you some of the best weigh loss tips for natural weight loss. We will go over some tips that would not affect your lifestyle to much and there will not be major changes to make. Beginning your weigh loss journey is your first step to take, don't go and tell yourself that you will begin on Monday or after Christmas or after your vacation, act now! You can lose weight in that time while you are waiting to”begin” your weight loss journey. Perhaps it is not that easy to get into new eating habits but you will get there eventually.

  1. 1)      Water: drinking water is the first and probably the most effective and easiest way to get started. The majority of people don't drink enough water when they are dieting. Some people will tell you to drink ice cold water to get more of an effect, I personally disagree with this for my own reasons, and the thing is as long as you drink water you are okay. If you are not drinking enough water, your body thinks water is becoming scarce and your body will start to hoard water in your body. Drink more water and your body will not store the water and you will weigh less.

  1. 2)      Fiber: add some fiber to your diet, start by eating porridge in the morning that contains high fiber. Fiber will help you losing weight in the long run because it cleans out the body from the inside. Get some other fiber foods in during the day to make this more effective.

  1. 3)      Healthy foods: when you are buying food, get more healthy foods that you like, do not buy all those fatty and sugary foods. I know it is hard but stick to your plan, before you go out buying food, try to do it after you have ate, this is just to let you go out shopping hungry because that is when you are buying foods that are not healthy for you and you will gain some weight again.

  1. 4)      Don't eat at night: some people say do not eat after 6 PM, some say after 7 or 8pm, the main thing is eating late at night will not help you on your weight loss journey. The foods that you eat late at night do not get processed like it is supposed to. Try to avoid this.

  1. 5)      Exercise: Start walking say 4 times a week for half an hour, do not overdo it otherwise you can maybe lose your motivation in the beginning stage of your weight loss plan. If you can walk more no problem only better for you.

  1. 6)      Change how you do things: you can for instance take the stairs instead of an elevator to get where you need to be. Rather walk to the grocery store than to take the car when you want to buy something small.

  1. 7)      Eat smaller portions: try to eat more during the day, break up your meals into six portions rather than 3 big portions per day. Eating five or six times a day keeps your blood sugar level at an optimum level and you’ll feel more energized. Doing this makes your metabolism work faster, while most diets slow it down.

  1. 8)      Set yourself a target:  when you start your weight loss plan and you got for instance 20 Kilogram or 20 Pounds to lose, set yourself a smaller target for example 5 Kilogram, work your way to lose those 5 Kilograms or pounds or whatever the case may be, working towards 5 is much better than working towards 20! You won’t believe how much confidence you will get when you reach those first 5! Repeat this as you go along, you will get there!

  1. 9)      Fruit: as said in tip 3, cut back on sugar, replace your sugar by eating fruit as it contains natural sugars. Some people will say eat LOTS of fruit but I will not go out and eat 10 fruits per day, 3 is enough.

  1. 10)  I will not tell you to think like a thin person because I do not know how a thin person thinks, thin people eat and get it over with, and that is what my thin friends are telling me. What I can tell you is to think wise, for example let’s take cheese; did you ever saw how much fat do you get out of a small piece of cheese? Do yourself a favor and put a piece of cheese in a pan and let it melt, you will be surprised how much fat is getting out the cheese. When you buy cheese look at the label for the fat percentage, you can buy harder white cheese that contain less fat than the softer yellow cheeses, that is what I mean by be wise when shopping.

  1. 11)Do NOT weigh yourself everyday! It happen that you weigh more at certain times during the day, it has to do with water etc. and in the morning when you weigh, your weight will be less. Weigh one time a week and try do it at the same time as the previous week.

Set yourself a goal to lose weight and stick with it, do not get to hurried to lose your weight the natural way, remember it took you years to gain weight, do not expect to lose weight overnight, that will not happen.

Do not wait ant longer, take action now! Use this quick ways to lose weight and get to your goal weight by sticking with your weight loss diet plan. By following this quick weight loss to weigh less and maintain your goal weight tips, you will live healthier and be healthier. To lose weight is a lifestyle; stick with it because I know you can do it!

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